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The Law firm associated Chiusano was founded in Turin in 1964 by Vittorio Chiusano becoming rapidly a reference point for the professional training. In fact many lawyers have trained here, some of whom have had excellent results as professional while others have distinguished themselves as excellent magistrates.
In 1990, it became Law firm associated where stood out for his skill as well as his competence the Avvocato Ennio Festa, disappeared young in December 1998.
Now the Law firm Chiusano, always in associate form, is led by the Avvocato Anna Vittoria Chiusano, daughter of the founder and the Avvocati Luigi Chiappero, Luigi Giuliano and Massimo Strumia.
The Studio has two offices: one in Turin, the city of its founder, and one in Rome.
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Via Davide Bertolotti n. 2 - 10121
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Piazza del Porto di Ripetta n. 1 - 00186
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